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Pure Cacao Pleasure

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Perfection & Excellence

KUSA, meaning "perfection & excellence", is our most premium line of chocolates specifically crafted for chocolate connoisseur looking for the most distinctive chocolate experience.

The Origin

Rarest & Pure

The original Pure Nacional cacao tree species was thought to have been extinct since it was struck by a disease in 1916. Fortunately, it was rediscovered in the valley of Maranon of Peru in recent years.  Growing at an altitude above 3,500 feet, the cacao trees are  surrounded by canyons, which create the perfect climatic environment for the growth and protection of this precious species.




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The Processing

Artistry in Tempering, Moulding & Aging

Our chef applies skilful techniques with tempering and moulding for the creation of a perfect cacao bar.  Furthermore, rare ingredients that we believe render distinctive flavours to the cacao are used for the aging process.

The Appreciation

The Tasting Journey

The tasting journey for the appreciation our cacao bars entails enjoyment through appearance, sound, smell, taste and aftertaste.  Pair our bars with wine, spirits, beer, coffee, ice cream and cheese, and bring your appreciation to a different level.

Limited Production

Given the limited supply of the Pure Nacional cacao and the years it takes for the aging process, our annual production of this extremely rare aged cacao bar is is only 300 boxes

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