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The Processing

Roasting & Coaching

Perfect Pure Nacional cacao beans are selected, roasted and conched to the finest cacao mass, it is stored in a temperature controlled room for the first aging process.

Tempering & Moulding

Skilful techniques with tempering and moulding are crucial to the creation of a perfect cacao bar from refined cacao mass.


Arron Liu, the reputable ice cream and chocolate master chef who has created over 800 ice cream flavours since 1994, and has dedicated his craftsmanship to artisanal chocolate since 2003, applies his expertise in tempering and moulding for the perfect bar.

What is K- Aged Chocolate?

Before we could make aged chocolate, the flavoured chocolate is made by mixing flavoured powder or essences to melted chocolate, it will cause less smooth texture and lower melting temperature of chocolate, besides this, the original and natural flavour will never be completely revealed on the final products.


Aimed to make the best chocolate in the world, Chocobien Chocolatier is the first chocolate maker to deeply explore Aged Chocolate with Aging Medium! We are building a unique way for the production of chocolate and crafting bespoken flavour and aroma—which is based on the aging science of whisky, cheese and Jamón Ibérico, which is implemented through years of work. 


This process takes years to achieve, but flavours are slowly improved over the course of these years. The value of this method is the subtlety and complexity of the aromas that are achieved, meanwhile without any changing of chocolate’s texture, so smoothness and melting point is protected. Over a very long time, the flavor of the chocolate naturally evolves through processes of oxidation and fermentation. Flavour extraction from the aging medium adds another layer of complexity.


Bespoken K-Aging Process

At Chocobien, we make our KUSA chocolate with the KUSA aging technique, we select aging medium like the tea collectors, roasting cacao bean with the perception of coffee baristas and roasters, aging like whisky makers, tempering and moulding skills of the chocolatiers and pastry chefs, aesthetic and creative mind of an artist, we are aimed to make a perfect and excellent aged -chocolate for you.

The flavonoids compounds of taste and smell are chemically altered through processes of micro-reaction with the aging medium after years of aging. Through the process of aging, it has added another layer of complexity, and has evolved a new profile of flavours.

The concept of aging with selective aging medium had never been thoroughly examined before, so we initiated the aging medium program for dark chocolate in 2015.

Since that time, we’ve consulted winemakers, cheesemakers, tea collectors, coffee baristas and roasters, sommeliers and food scientists, conducted numerous experiment with eighteen different aging medium under different temperature, illumination, humidities and conditions. After nearly twelve months, we discovered the optimal conditions of our aging medium and reaction with the chocolate, finally developed the unique aging skills and called it “K-Aging”, which means specially for the making of KUSA aged chocolate. In 2018, we released our finest expression of aged chocolate as the first KUSA editions to the public.

Unique Aging medium such as aged wild Kopi Luwak and 50 years Pu'er Tea are selected for the aging of Peru Pure Nacional 85% dark chocolate by our K-Aging process for years. Packed with  Austrian Crystal container made by authentic crystal in Austria, 99 Gold-plated box made by the traditional gold factory in Japan. You could never find similar kind of chocolate in the world elsewhere.

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