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Lowest Calorie

lowest fat

high protein

& dietary fibre


Zero Sugar, Lowest Calorie, Lowest Fat

In additional to cacao pleasure, health is the major concern for our products.  We used Organic sweetener to replace cane sugar, bespoke bean to bar chocolate technique: low temperature and slow speed conching method to reduce the fat content in the cacao, resulted with the lowest calorie, lowest fat, higher protein and dietary fibre.  We also reckon that single origin beans allow people to fully appreciate the terroir of the cacao's region.

We have chosen the award winning and certified organic cacao beans from Bali and Sumba, which are the winners of award Cocoa of Excellence 2015 and 2017!

Your Dream Chocolate

We assure you could enjoy our chocolate without any fear of sugar and calories, this is your dream dark chocolate. Especially for the chocolate lovers of sportsperson and diabetics. This is the meaning of FITCHO which is the chocolate that could help you keeping Fitness!

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