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How to Appreciate Our KUSA Aged Chocolates

We suggest you appreciate our Aged chocolate bars by following this tasting journey for your five senses:


Appearance - appreciate the smooth surface of the aged chocolate bar as a result of Chocobien Chocolatier’s perfect craftsmanship.


Sound - bring the aged chocolate bar near your ears and snap it. the sound of a crispy snap rendered by the perfect formation of cacao crystals.


Smell - a rich and fairy aroma drives into your nostrils, showing signs of a perfectly selected cacao and aging process.


Taste - put a small piece of the aged chocolate bar on your tongue without chewing it.  let the smoothness and creaminess from the melty cacao spread all over your tastebuds.


Aftertaste - keep you eyes and mouth closed, and let your sensory journey be filled with layers of flavour and aroma for an hour!

whisky and chocolate

Enjoy Perfect Pairing

To multiply the levels of sensory impressions of aged-chocolate. Pairing KUSA Aged-chocolate with certain wines and spirits can elevate the level of pleasure and complexity.


The distinctive flavor of our aged-chocolate bars from bespoke aging makes them perfect for pairing with various kinds of food and drink:

Wine - Moscato, Sherry

Spirits - Brandy, Gin, Tequila, VSOP, Whisky, XO,

Beer - dark beer, fruity Beer

Coffee - Kopi Luwak, Geisha, Blue Mountain

Ice Cream - coffee, dark chocolate, hazelnut, mango

Cheese - Blue cheese, Brie cheese, Camembert, Gorgonzola

cheese and chocolate
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