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Cacao Tea/ Cacao Earl Grey/ Cacao Peppermint / Cacao Green Tea

Cacao Tea/ Cacao Earl Grey/ Cacao Peppermint / Cacao Green Tea

SKU: cacao_tea_001

1. Cacao Husk Tea

2. Cacao Husk Earl Grey Tea

3. Cacao Husk Peppermint Tea

4. Cacao Husk Green Tea


1. Roasted cacao husk is the shell of cacao bean, consists of strong antioxidant, and tastes of natural tea.

2. Roasted cacao husk mixed together with Earl Grey tea leaves, Bergamot and blue flower, it becomes a healthy and refreshing tasty drink.

3. Roasted cacao husk mixed with organic Peppermint leaves, it becomes a warm and healthy drink in Winter.

4. Roasted cacao husk mixed with organic Japanese Green tea leaves, it becomes a rich antioxidant drink in all seasons.


Just put a spoon of the cacao tea mixture into a tea pot, pour 100 degree Celius hot water into the tea pot, steep for 6 to 8 minutes, then you can have a very nice cacao earl grey tea! And it's Zero calorie and fat!


Vegan, Dairy- free, Gluten-free


1. organic cacao husk

2. organic cacao husk, organic earl grey tea leaves, bergamot and blue flower.

3. organic cacao husk, organic peppermint leaves.

4. organic cacao husk, organic Japanese green tea leaves.


​​​​​​​Net weight: 80g

Please inform us which flavours of the cacao tea you would like to order on the order instruction, that is :

1. Cacao tea, or

2. Cacao Earl grey tea, or

3. Cacao Peppermint tea, or

4. Cacao Green tea.


  • Tasting Notes

    cacao, citrus, bergamot, earl grey.

    cacao, citrus, peppermint,

    cacao, citrus, tea

  • We Ship to

    Hong Kong.

    Worldwide services- please contact us for quotation of shipping overseas service charges before placing order.

    It will require additional shipping charges to overseas, including: Japan, mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and Europe

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