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caramel red salt cashew nut chocolate

Caramel Red Salt Cashewnut Chocolate

SKU: chocobien_005

Caramel Red Salt Cashewnut 72% Trinidad & Tobago Chocolate

Trinidad & Tobago is the first place to grow Trinitario cacao bean in the world, also where the name Trinitario came from. It's so rich in nutty and fruity flavours.

We roasted the cashew nut, mixed with vegan caramel and Himalayan red salt, created this sumptuous flavours of chocolate for you!


Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar, Himalayan red salt, organic cashewnut


Organic, Vegan, Dairy-Free


Net weight: 50g


  • Tasting Notes

    apricot, caramel, cherry,  roasted cashew nut, salt

  • Pairing Suggestions

    Wine - Moscato

    Spirits - brandy, cognac, gin, whisky, xo, vsop

    Coffee - Blue Mountain, Geisha, El Salvador, Espresso, latte

    Ice Cream - almond, coffee, hazelnut, pistachio

  • We Ship to

    Hong Kong.

    Worldwide services- please contact us for quotation of shipping overseas service charges before placing order.

    It will require additional shipping charges to overseas, including: Japan, mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and Europe

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