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Pure Cacao Pleasure

about chocobien

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is pure and simple - to let people enjoy pure cacao pleasure through the distinct nuanced flavor and smoothness in our handmade chocolate bars. We take a meticulous approach to the selection of cacao beans and the execution of processing methods.

Our Cacao Beans

Rare, Organic, Single Origin

Cacao beans are the foundation to the sophisticated flavor, aroma and texture in our chocolate bars.  We choose the finest and rarest organic single origin cacao beans from farms in Peru, Ecuador and Madagascar.  Our beans from Peru is the world's rarest cacao that were originally thought to be extinct, and were re-discovered in recent years.  Learn more here.

Our Cacao Beans


Our Artistry

Our Artistry

Handmade with Artisanal Touch

Each and every one of our bars is skilfully handmade by our chocolatier, who brings out the best of our beans through bespoke conching & aging, and craftsmanship in hand tempering.  Learn more here

Handmade Chocolate Bars

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