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fresh lobster dark chocolate



Chocobien's cacao farm in Hong Kong

craft chocolate

craft chocolate

handmade craft chocolate in Hong Kong





the first cacao whisky made in Hong Kong

17 Asia's Best Chocolate Producers
- Tatler Dining, July 2021
Best Valentine Chocolate - VOGUE, Jan 2022
Best 10 Recommended Chocolate
-VOGUE,Feb 2023, 2024


Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

cacao pod

Fresh cacao pod in cacao farm

cacao pod

Fresh cacao beans

cacao bean

Fermented cacao beans

What is Craft Chocolate?
What is Bean to Bar chocolate?

Craft chocolate is made by raw cacao beans and handcraft on a small scale, with a strong emphasis on the inherent flavor of the beans.

Bean-to-bar chocolate of Chocobien Chocolatier is pure and simple - make chocolate by the cacao beans sourced transparently, to allow people enjoy pure cacao pleasure through the distinct nuanced flavor and texture in our craft chocolate.
We take a meticulous approach to the selection of cacao beans, purchase the cacao beans directly from the cacao farmers at higher price to appreciate their effort on growing the cacao tree and protection of the forest. Further approach to the execution of bean-to-bar chocolate processing methods, including roasting, refining, conching, aging, tempering, moulding, storage, selection of ingredients...etc, health concern likes low calorie and sugar free, we aim to make the delicious and healthiest chocolate.

Bean-to-Bar chocolate. Make in Hong Kong
We handcraft our bean-to-bar chocolate in our chocolate factory in Hong Kong, besides fresh and delicious, we make creative and special flavours too!

In 2018, we started to plant the first cacao tree in Hong Kong. From that time, we continue to plant more cacao tree in our cacao farm, hope we can have the tree to bar chocolate from Hong Kong cacao tree!

bean to bar chocolate

Roasting cacao beans


Refine and conching

craft chocolate

craft chocolate

Our Cacao Beans

bean-to-bar chocolate benefits over supermarket chocolate

Rare, Heirloom, Single Origin
Awards Winning Cacao Farms


Cacao beans are the foundation to the sophisticated flavor, aroma and texture in our chocolate bars.  We choose the finest single origin cacao beans from award-winning (Cacao of Excellence) farms in Bali, Ecuador, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Peru, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela. 

Bean-to-bar chocolate crafts with these finest cacao beans and organic cane sugar, organic sweetener, aims to achieve the most delicious and finest craft chocolate in Hong Kong :

FITCHO - No Sugar, Lowest Calorie, Lowest Fat, High Protein and Dietary Fibre. Learn more

FINE & RARE Cacao - Bean to bar made by Rare or Heirloom cacao bean.

KUSA - Rarest cacao with K-Aging Luxury series. Learn more

Creative Craft chocolate - Creative flavours: SiChuan Pepper chocolate, Rye Sourdough chocolate, Soy Sauce chocolate, Sakura Shrimp chocolate, Oolong Tea chocolate, Spicy Potato Chips chocolate...always have surprise to you.

Fair-Trade to the farmers

Conservation of the Good species of Cacao

Protection of Forest

Not Child Labour production

Not Mass Machine Production

Higher Nutritional Value, healthier

More Dietary Fibre

More Anti-oxidant, Vitamin and Minerals

Pure Ingredients of cacao and cane sugar, real fruit, tea and nuts. No artificial or additives

Lower proportion of cacao butter, thus Less Fat and Lower Calories, higher tolerance to temperature below 28 degree C

Fine Quality of cacao beans makes fine chocolate

Authentic Taste and Flavours of chocolate

Good Chocolate makes you Happier

Craft chocolate is much Better than supermarket's commercial chocolate

Special Recommendation for Season's Greetings

Our Cacao Beans

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Customer's comment

Your FITCHO chocolate is wonderful, I can enjoy chocolate with no fear of over calories now! And it's deliciious! Lovely! - Karen Chan

I bought your KUSA Pu er Vintage gold box for my father's birthday, he loves it so much and kept asking about the chocolate. Thank you so much for making such nice chocolate! - Sarah P.

I have no hesitation to say your chocolates are outstanding, especially the Madagascar and Peru Maranon chocolate bars, they are remarkable! - Jeff C.

bean to bar chocolate
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