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tasting chocolate set - rare cacao

Tasting Chocolate set - Rare (18pcs)

SKU: tasting_001

This chocolate set is specially made for chocolate lovers to taste our fine and excellent bean to bar chocolate , which consists of:

- 75% Pure Nacional chocolate x 6pcs

- 75% Porcelana chocolate x 6pcs

- 75% Madagascar x 6pcs

18 pieces of chocolate are packed in a niche designed box.

These chocolate are made by the Rare and fine cacao beans of the world - Pure Nacional cacao beans from Peru Maranon, Porcelana cacao beans from Venezuela, Trinitario cacao beans from Sambirano Valley of Madagascar, they have different aroma and sensory profile even all are made to be 75% cacao percentage, so chocolate lovers can taste to see the difference between them, having more fun to understand the influence of cacao beans to chocolate.

Additional fun is to pair with coffee and wine, you will find that our chocolate is not just chocolate.




Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar


Dairy-free and vegan.

  • Tasting Notes

    caramel, citrus, dark cherry, floral, roasted hazelnut, tea,

  • Pairing Suggestions

    Wine - Moscato, Champagne, Rose Champagne

    Spirits - brandy, whiskey

    Coffee - Blue Mountain, Geisha, Espresso, latte


  • We Ship to

    Hong Kong, worldwide with additional charges for shipping overseas

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