KUSA aged kopi luwak chocolate

Kopi Luwak Chocolate


KUSA - Kopi Luwak Vintage Aged Chocolate (99 gold-plated box)

One of the rarest chocolate in the world: Pure Nacional 85% dark chocolate aged for 2 years with wild kopi luwak from Sumatra of Indonesia (roasted and aged in 2013), which is the most expensive and rarest coffee bean in the world. Located at the deep mountain over 1,200m, wild civets running free and produces the finest kopi luwak coffee bean, it is proved to be authentic wild by the Indonesian Agricultural and Farms Department.


The coffee bean was medium roasted in 2013 and aged with the Maranon Pure Nacional 85% dark chocolate in 2016 to allow the micro-interaction to fulfil the magical reaction.

Taste of the aged chocolate: the lightly red wine, espresso and flower aroma drive out first, then caramel and fruit notes of the chocolate come with nutty and wine, followed by the breath of fresh air from the rainforest that we’ve ever tasted before.


Japanese Gold Plated Packaging

8 pieces of chocolate (total 40g) are stored in a 99 Gold-plated cubic container, which is made by the traditional gold factory in Japan with the heart of gold craftsmanship.



Most of the wine, whisky and XO are perfect items with this versatile aged-chocolate for pairing. Laphroaig, Scotch single malts, Irish whisky works quite well. Sweet wines like port and sherry, moscato, ice wine, pair excellently with this aged-chocolate.

  • Tasting Notes

    almond, coffee, hazelnut, oak, smoked tea, red wine, whisky

  • Pairing Suggestions

    Spirits - brandy, cognac, gin, vsop, whisky, xo

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