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da hong pao osmanthus chocolate

Da Hong Pao Osmanthus Chocolate

SKU: tea_004

Da Hong Pao Osmanthus 72% Trinidad & Tobago Chocolate


Da Hong Pao tea is one of the most luxury tea in the world, its long-lasting aftertaste and fragrance, together with osmanthus fragrance, added extra depth and complexity to the flavours of chocolate.

Trinidad & Tobago is the original place where Trinitario species was developed and spreaded over to Asia and Africa, including Madagascar, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan...

it is also the name Trinitario came from.

So you can enjoy the origin flavours of Trinitario and the best tea together.


Vegan, Dairy- free


Ingredients: organic cacao, organic cane sugar , Da Hong Pao tea and Osmanthus.





​​​​​​​Net weight: 50g



  • Tasting Notes

    cherry, Da Hong Pao tea, Osmanthus, floral, orchid, hazelnut

  • Pairing Suggestions

    Wine - Merlot, Moscato, Sake,

    Coffee - Columbia, Kenya, Yirgacheffe

    Spirit - whisky, GIN

  • We Ship to

    Hong Kong.

    Worldwide services- please contact us for quotation of shipping overseas service charges before placing order.

    It will require additional shipping charges to overseas, including: Japan, mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA and Europe

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