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Touch of Artistry

Our Processing

Handmade with artisanal touch

Each bar is skilfully handmade by our chocolatier, who lets the cacao beans fully express their terroir through bespoke conching, aging and tempering. 

Conching - this is the process in which cacao beans are slowly and finely grounded at low heat to promote flavor and texture.  All our beans are subject to at least 42 hours of conching, which gives the beans the ideal richness in flavor and smoothness in texture.

Aging - this is the process during which chocolate is stored in closed containers and is given time to "breathe".  "Breathing" allows chocolate to further develop its complexity in flavor and aroma.

Tempering - this is the process to properly harden chocolate for the desired appearance and taste.  Every one of our bars goes through a meticulous tempering process by our chocolatier for the perfect sheen, snap and taste.

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